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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer therapy outside the state of California?

Currently, our services are available in California, both in person and online. However, the practice owner is licensed in Utah and Florida as well.

What is the typical frequency and number of sessions?

It varies based on your needs, preferences, and progress. We generally suggest weekly sessions for 6-8 weeks and then adjusting as needed. We check in regularly about your comfort with the process and your progress.

What if I'm not ready to talk about certain issues? 

It's understandable to feel some hesitation in therapy. Our therapists create a comfortable environment to explore your concerns at your own pace. You're in control of what you choose to share, and your therapist unconditiionally supports your boundaries and limits, while checking in with you about it along the way.

Do you take insurance, and what are your fees?

While we may join insurance panels in the near future, we currently only offer superbills for potential reimbursement. Ask your PPO about the out-of-network benefits for your plan as well as the deductible requirements. Our superbills include all pertinent information such as provider and group EIN, NPI, CPT codes, diagnostic codes and modifiers, and relevant subscriber details. We typically submit these to our clients once or twice per month or upon request.  Our therapists' fees range from $150-300 per session, based on qualifications, location, and services offered. 

What's the difference between licensed therapists and associate therapists?

Our licensed therapists have fulfilled the required 3000 clinical hours and passed their board exams, while associate therapists work under close supervision of a licensed therapist until completion of their hours and board exams. We require our associates to have a minimum of 2000 clinical hours of experience to join our team.

Do you prescribe medication?

While we anticipate having a psychiatrist on our team in the future, we currently refer clients out to recommended physicians for medications.

How do I get started?

Just call or message us to schedule a 20-30 minute no-fee consult. We'll chat about your needs and goals, answer any questions about next steps, and which of our therapists we recommend for you.


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