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No matter where you are in your professional life, continued success requires discipline, heightened self-awareness, intentional skills development, and motivation. 


Creativity blocks we explore as needed include procrastination, overwhelm, fear of success or failure, any fear that hinders you, negative emotions, and sabotaging behaviors. I help professionals in all fields work through these obstacles from standing in the way of their full potential. In each session you will further explore your challenges, opportunities and goals. Career coaching can help you to:


  • Gain a better understanding of your key competencies

  • Develop a clear vision of direction and be empowered by it

  • Change career direction

  • Overcome barriers or creative blocks

  • Improve your time management

  • Assess your talents and accomplishments

  • Shape your career and lifestyle vision

  • Leverage and expand your network

  • Identify gaps in your skills and create a development plan

  • Create or recreate your personal brand

  • Define your personal marketing strategy

  • Pursue a promotion

  • Develop your negotiating skills for your financial worth 

  • Improve upon your assertiveness skills

  • Find and pursue what is aligned with who you are and what you wish to do

  • Know how and when to take action towards goals

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discuss your circumstances, ask questions about the process and our services, be matched with a therapist


complete consent forms, coordinate fees and out-of-network reimbursement, schedule the first session


attend sessions, share concerns and goals, explore your wellness solutions

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