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Child Therapy in Alamo, CA

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Pediatric counseling addresses the unique needs of children, with specialized attention and support to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Our clinicians encompass various therapeutic approaches tailored to the developmental stage and circumstances of the child, which can include:

  • Play Therapy: utilizes play as a means of communication and expression, to help kids explore emotions, resolve conflicts, and develop coping strategies

  • Behavioral Therapy: focuses on modifying behavior patterns with positive reinforcement, token systems, and contingency management, including rewards, praise, or privileges for healthy behavior, and consistency at home

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): helps kids to identify and challenge unhelpful or distressing thinking patterns and replace them with healthier and adaptive thoughts and behaviors, utilizing cognitive restructuring, mindfulness-based stress reduction, goal setting, activity monitoring, scheduling, and tracking tools

  • Social Skills Training: supports development of healthy communication, and social interactions involving sharing, taking turns, making friends, and resolving conflicts

  • Art Therapy: incorporates art and creative expression as a therapeutic tool to promote emotional healing, self-discovery, and personal growth

Pediatric counseling can help children and adolescents navigate various challenges, including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, behavioral issues, academic difficulties, family dynamics, social struggles, self-confidence, and developmental disorders.

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