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Therapy is a process of growth and change.

Changing patterns that aren't working, creating positive change, and increasing happiness in your relationships, work, family, life, and self.

I believe positive change is abundantly possible. Sometimes it is easier to get there with some support and help. Every person struggles with difficult circumstances and emotions at some point or another. Counseling provides an opportunity to openly and securely discuss  struggles, decrease stress, increase your understanding of self and others, find solutions, and create positive change.

My aim with each client is to provide effective services within a confidential space, where concerns can be safely explored. If you are striving for balance or relief, counseling offers options that can truly help. In my approach I incorporate cognitive-behavioral methods with constructive insights, thoughtful guidance, and warm empathy. You will receive analytical feedback when appropriate, and are always encouraged to express any thoughts and needs about the sessions, my style, or your progress. We examine the ways you think and feel about situations in your life that you'd like to change, along with how you react in response to those situations...towards more peace of mind, self-confidence, and positive outcomes.

We start with a brief discussion by phone, where we discuss your circumstances and I provide information about my background and approach to working with you. This provides a better sense of whether my style feels like a good fit for you, before having to start with a full session in person. If it seems appropriate and comfortable for you to move forward, we discuss fees and set the first appointment.

I also provide a few openings per week on a sliding scale to those who qualify for a reduced fee, which we determine prior to the first session. If you’d like to inquire further, contact my office at (925) 979-9839 or send a request using the contact form, to discuss the possibility of working together. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you with this process.


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discuss your circumstances, ask questions about the process and our services, be matched with a therapist


complete consent forms, coordinate fees and out-of-network reimbursements, schedule the first session


attend sessions, share concerns and goals, receive guidance and support, work through challenges 

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