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EMDR Therapy in Alamo, CA


EMDR is incredibly effective with healing anxiety from losses, health problems, life stressors, harassment, infidelity, rejection, abandonment, abusive situations, intense conflicts, phobias, natural disasters, and accidents. 

Painful experiences can negatively affect how we think and feel about ourselves, others, and our circumstances. For instance, the ending of a relationship or losing a job can lead to beliefs such as 'I’m worthless' or 'I'm not good enough'. Being bullied or going through a scary situation may lead to thoughts like 'I'm unsafe,' 'I'm incapable,' or 'It's my fault.'

​Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is the leading treatment for rapid recovery from traumatic experiences and persistent memories. Extensive empirical evidence has shown us that EMDR is an efficacious and rapid method of reprocessing traumatic material. This treatment is very structured and follows an 8-phase protocol with a bilateral stimulation device, such as the wireless tappers that we use: BLS Device 

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