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Parent Coaching

It’s natural to feel stuck or overwhelmed if your child has been distant, moody, rebellious, or indifferent. Parents want the best for their kids, with a respectful and trusting connection at home and to thrive in the world as they grow. 

We help parents deepen the relationship with their teen or tween, and end ongoing power struggles about communication, homework, bedtime, chores, decisions, or attitudes. Doing so can help reduce stress levels in the home while creating more joy and satisfaction in the parenting experience.

Parent coaching focuses on practical strategies and skill-building for specific challenges while therapy delves into underlying emotional and relational issues to promote healing and growth. Both approaches can be valuable resources in your parenting journey, depending on their unique needs and circumstances. Here are some of the key differences to help you determine your preference:

Parent coaching:

  • Focuses on guidance, support, and practical strategies to help navigate the challenges of raising kids

  • Emphasizes skill-building and effective techniques and tools to address specific concerns or goals

  • Takes a proactive approach aiming to prevent and manage issues before they escalate

  • Is often short-term and goal-oriented, with a focus on achieving specific outcomes

  • Focuses on practical solutions for current issues rather than delving deeply into traumas or the past

  • Deepens the relationship with teens or tweens by ending ongoing power struggles about communication, homework, bedtime, chores, decisions, or attitudes

Parenting therapy:

  • May be more long-term and exploratory, increasing self-awareness and wellness

  • Focus on underlying emotional, psychological, relational issues impacting parent & family dynamics

  • Emphasizes healing and growth, working through unresolved conflicts, trauma, or emotional barriers

  • Addresses significant stress, conflict, or emotional difficulties with parenting roles

  • Involves exploring past experiences, family history, and patterns of behavior to gain insight into the root causes of current parenting difficulties


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