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Premarital Counseling

Taking that next significant step in your relationship can be one of the most exciting times in your life. The purpose of premarital counseling is to better prepare couples for the transition to married life. Marriage prep can provide a safeguard towards handling unforeseen problems and challenges that arise throughout the relationship. 

Couples today need every advantage to succeed in marriages. Couples get the most from marriage preparation in the year before and year after the wedding. As more time passes, old habits, resentments, unresolved problems, and communication patterns can develop. 

Participating in premarital education and counseling can be both fun and informative. Discussing topics like household chores, in-laws, parenting styles, communication styles, finances, sex, and resolving conflicts, helps couples identify expectations while creating successful outcomes. It also helps to uncover areas of disagreement before the transition to marriage. 

Alamo Counseling utilizes PREPARE-ENRICH tools, that you each complete individually prior to the first session. We then discuss the findings in our sessions in addition to any specific topics of interest or importance to you and your relationship. 

Couples are provided with tailored exercises and resources to enhance their relationship skills and address specific areas of concern. Examples include:

  • creating a joint budget outlining income, expenses, goals while discussing  individual spending habits, financial values, long-term plans, and forming strategies for managing money as a  team

  • discussing core values, beliefs, and priorities while exploring areas of alignment and how to honor and respect differences while building a shared life together

  • reflecting on upbringing and family backgrounds, discussing how family dynamics influence the relationship, exploring any unresolved issues or patterns towards a healthier dynamic together

  • exploring areas of compatibility and potential areas of tension while identifying ways to leverage strengths and support mutual growth


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