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SEW-DBT Workshops  in Alamo, CA

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Social-Emotional Wellness and Dialectical Behavior Therapy are two distinct yet complementary approaches with essential roles in personal development and emotional intelligence. Our integrated approach combines the strengths of SEW and DBT to provide adolescents  with a well-rounded toolkit to navigate the complexities of their emotions, relationships, and life challenges. 


Our SEW-DBT workshop is a 7-week series designed to enhance social and emotional development. This program empowers adolescents with essential skills to  navigate stressors, foster healthy relationships,  increase insight, empathy and resilience, regulate intense emotions, communicate well with peers and family.


As an open and ongoing series, students attend the entire program while having the flexibility to enroll at any time throughout the cycle (with the exception of segment 3). Workshops are limited to 15 students and are thoughtfully divided by age, supporting both middle school tweens (10-13) and high school teens (14-17).

  • Tween Series: Mondays 4:00-5:15pm

  • Teen Series: Mondays 5:30-6:45pm

  • Location: Oak Hills Park Classroom A, 3005 Stone Valley Rd, Danville

We also partner with local middle schools and high schools to help further a culture of wellness by providing classroom talks, educator resources, PTA presentations, and incorporating our evidence-based curriculum into individual and family counseling.


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