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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #49885


Alamo Counseling fosters a restorative environment for individuals to safely explore distressing circumstances and experiences. In a confidential and empathic space, we guide our clients through a transformative process aimed at healing shame, grief, and emotional wounds, while effectively managing stressors. As the owner of this practice, I'm thankful every day for the expertise and compassion of this amazing team and the range of services we're able to offer our community. The past 17 years of providing mental health services have been deeply rewarding and it's a privilege to be entrusted with the meaningful life stories and vulnerabilities of those we serve.


Our counseling sessions are collaborative in nature as we explore the habits, patterns, and underlying factors that may be impacting your health and wellness. The moments of awareness and transformation that occur in this journey are truly an honor to witness. I am passionate about helping clients and colleagues learn-then-live their unique potential. 

My background includes serving as adjunct faculty in the Educational Psychology graduate program at CSU East Bay, and as Clinical Director of the suicide prevention, grief counseling, and 211 programs at Contra Costa Crisis Center. At John Muir Behavioral Health, I worked in the adult and adolescent units of the Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient programs, and prior to that was supervising associates at Ruby's Place. I am licensed in California and Utah, with certifications in EMDR, Imago Relational Therapy (IRT), and Clinical Supervision.

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