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Telehealth Therapy Services
for California and Utah Residents


Telehealth counseling sessions have been receiving a lot of attention lately as an effective means of psychotherapy.  It refers to therapy that takes place remotely via an internet connection or by phone.  Telehealth provides an innovative and accessible way for therapists to help people gain freedom from the stressors and distress that they are experiencing. A study comparing teletherapy to in-person consultation found that 96% of clients were satisfied with their virtual sessions. In addition, clients showed significant improvement on mental health screenings, measured both before and after sessions. 


Telehealth therapy is interchangeably also referred to as e-counseling, telemedicine, online therapy, distance counseling, teletherapy, virtual therapy, and remote therapy. 



Alamo Counseling is providing secure video sessions via a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. Prior to your first virtual session, you will receive a Zoom link with no sign-up or download necessary.


We will continue to give our clients the highest standard of care during these challenging times. Please stay safe and we look forward to being of help and comfort.

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