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Co-Parenting Counseling in Alamo, CA


Co-parenting counseling provides tools and guidance for how primary caregivers can communicate amicably with each other, regulate high emotions, and ensure that actions are in the best interest of the children. Sessions consist of solution-focused discussions for collaborative parenting versus parallel parenting. Alamo Counseling therapists can assist in reducing emotional reactivity, facilitating communication, and strengthening the parental relationship towards a healthier adjustment for the kids.

Children that are caught in the middle of a contentious divorce can develop externalizing or internalizing symptoms or behaviors. Externalizing behaviors common in kids exposed to high parental conflict include anger, aggression, defiance, running away, sexual acting out, and drug or alcohol use. Internalizing symptoms can include depression, anxiety, nightmares, OCD, fear, and self-esteem issues.

Co-parenting counseling is different from custody mediation or legal aid. It is therapeutic help for those who wish to raise kids cohesively in spite of mutual differences or multiple homes. In sessions, each caregiver works towards specific agreements for how to share time, discipline, communicate, and make decisions regarding the children. 

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