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Custody mediation focuses on what is best for the children, teaching parents how to separate their own interests towards a mutual agreement rather than fight it out in court as adversaries. I inquire with each parent about proposed parenting plans, work schedules, and specific issues concerning the children. It is important that you are prepared and have a list of points you want to address regarding your children.


Family Mediation is effective for couples who:

  • wish to be the decision makers on custody, versus leaving it to the court

  • want the least stressful divorce process for themselves and their children

  • wish to minimize the distress children experience when parents divorce

  • choose to negotiate a settlement agreement in private than in open court

  • want to avoid the emotional stress and trauma of adversarial proceedings

Types of parenting plan considerations we address include:

  • Decisions on custodial rights, health, education, visitation, child support

  • How physical custody of the children will be divided after the divorce

  • Whether there will be a joint, shared or sole legal custody agreement

  • To what extent will the children be exposed to new partners of their parents

  • What percentage of time each parent will have with the children

  • If either of the parents be allowed custody outside of the state or country

  • The extent of communication when child is with the other parent

  • Issues with with physical custody switches

  • Decisions about which activities the children be allowed to participate

  • How costs of activities will be divided between parents

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