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Elder Care Mediation in Alamo, CA

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Elder mediation helps seniors and their adult children resolve conflicts around issues such as living arrangements, caregiving, financial planning, estate disputes, medical decisions, communication, driving, and guardianship. It is a very efficient and sensitive solution to the complicated decision making process involved in providing appropriate elder care as well as preventing elder abuse. 


Many families find it difficult to address or solve elder care issues on their own. In mediation, both the adult children and the aging parent can voice their wishes and concerns. This opens the door towards effective problem-solving and working collaboratively to address the needs of the elder. Any decisions reached must be agreeable to all involved in order to become acceptable and lasting solutions. 


Elder Care Mediation offers a dignified and respectful approach to helping families find the best solutions to these and other issues, while treating the aging parents with respect, sensitivity, and dignity. Additional topics may include:

  • Personal and household care & maintenance

  • Safety and autonomy issues

  • Family relationships

  • Lifestyle choices

  • Needs of each family member

  • End of life decisions

  • Involvement and interaction with grandchildren 

  • Powers of attorney and inheritance/asset/property distribution decisions 

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