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Family Therapy in Alamo, CA

Extended Family

Some characteristics of healthy family systems include navigating disagreements harmoniously; balance between individual and systemic needs; mutual boundaries and appropriate roles; willingness to explore issues or differences; and the ability to build each other up over tearing one other down.


Family therapy helps to increase insight of how the family functions as a unit as well as how each member is impacted and impactful within the unit. Sessions focus towards growth and change in the dynamic and functioning of the entire system rather than on individual fault or blame. At Alamo Counseling, we aim to ensure that all family members feels safe, heard, and valued in sessions while learning new skills, a deeper understanding of one another, and how to create a healthier system together. 

Family therapy can help address or provide direction for:

  • Structural changes (blending, adopting, cultural, etc)

  • Parenting Issues 

  • Mood, anxiety, and personality disorders 

  • Loss, grief and life transitions

  • Divorce and co-parenting

  • Trauma and addiction

  • Maladaptive communication patterns

  • Multigenerational patterns of dysfunction

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