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Parent Coaching in Alamo, CA

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It’s natural to feel stuck or overwhelmed as a parent when a child has been distant, moody, rebellious, or indifferent. Parents want the best present and future for their kids, so that they have a respectful and trusting connection at home now and can thrive in the world as adults. This process helps parents to deepen the relationship with their teen or tween, and end ongoing power struggles about communication, homework, bedtime, chores, decisions, or attitudes. It can also help to reduce stress levels in the home while creating more joy and satisfaction in the parenting experience.


Families are created in many ways, and at Alamo Counseling we honor and support them all, whether it be as biological, adoptive, fostering, or caregiving parents. Parent coaching helps to strengthen family systems that in turn inspire children and teens to be responsible, respectful, and reliable in and out of the home. We can help address or provide direction for:

  • Constructive parent-child communication

  • Healthy expectations and boundaries

  • Effective discipline and limit setting

  • Generational or cultural differences

  • Building mutual empathy

  • Unity and cohesiveness between parents

  • Defining parenting beliefs and values

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