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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #53316


For the past 17 years, I have been providing clinical support and guidance for depression, anxiety, marital concerns, and parenting challenges. It has been an honor being able to hold sacred spaces for couples and families to heal and restore peace and joy in their lives.


I specialize in marriage counseling to help couples improve communication, experience deeper emotional intimacy, change unhealthy patterns, and build a thriving relationship. I also work with families as a Parent Coach to help navigate the trials and challenges of parenting, which can at times feel daunting or even mysterious. I treat each of my clients with utmost respect and compassion as we strive to overcome those trials together.


'Parenting From the Heart' is a term I use to describe the art of learning to trust yourself and your instincts over the learned behaviors you may have been relying upon. Most challenges we face as parents have several solutions, and when guided to discover the right pathway for your family, your confidence will grow and your child will sense the safety and comfort they need to thrive.

I incorporate a solution-focused problem solving approach to create manageable goals and measurable change using evidence-based therapy. Sometimes stress can seem insurmountable, but together we can identify core problems, generate solutions, and create a unique plan to systematically achieve goals and ease distress.  My aim is to hold a safe and empathetic space for people to feel heard and supported while reaching their desired goals. 

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