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Postpartum Counseling in Alamo, CA

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Postpartum Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (P-OCD)

Postpartum OCD is characterized by persistent intrusive thoughts, images, or impulses that are related to harm coming to the baby, or compulsive repetitive behaviors intended to prevent harm from happening. Symptoms include: obsessions, compulsions, hypervigilance, avoidance, guilt, shame, panic, and overprotectiveness.

Postpartum Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P-PTSD)

P-PTSD may develop after a traumatic experience such as complicated delivery, emergency c-section, a baby in the NICU, breastfeeding issues, stillbirth or child loss. Symptoms may include intrusive memories, nightmares, avoidance of anything related to the childbirth experience, negative changes in mood or emotions, dissociation, hypervigilance or an exaggerated startle response.

Postpartum Psychosis (PPP)

Postpartum psychosis is a rare and severe mental health disorder and medical emergency that requires immediate attention and treatment, as it can lead to harm to both mother and baby. Symptoms may include: delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, confusion or agitation, extreme mood swings, mania, restlessness, insomnia, catatonia, and thoughts of harm to self or child.

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