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Communication Help in Alamo, CA

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In both individual and couples counseling we address the types of toxic communication that may be hurting your relationships, along with healthier ways of talking and fighting fairly. If you struggle with feeling heard or understood, if your conflicts tend to spin out or get off topic, if issues escalate and remain unresolved, communication counseling can help. Learning to express needs and frustrations in a healthy and constructive manner is a fundamental aspect of communication counseling. Effective communication involves expressing oneself in a way that is respectful, assertive, and non-judgmental, while still effectively conveying one's emotions and concerns. Some communication styles that are proven ineffective, even damaging include:

The most common communication threat for couples that emerges is criticism. Frustrations, annoyances and resentment inevitably build up when couples live together day in and day out. It’s important to distinguish between criticism and complaining, because some minor complaining is part of any relationship. The problem arises when complaints turn into criticisms. A complaint focuses on a specific behavior, while a criticism attacks the character of the person, and is often laced with sarcasm. These types of statements are personal attacks, and are loaded with blame and accusation. Learning to express your needs and frustrations without attacking, judging, or criticizing is part of communication counseling.

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